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1. Clients are encouraged to first discuss their concerns directly with the tantric sexologist involved. This allows for a chance to resolve the issue informally and may clarify misunderstandings related to the tantric practice. Thi also allows the Tantric Sexologist to receive a feedback to something that was a blindspot.

2. If direct communication does not resolve the issue, or if the client feels uncomfortable doing so, they may submit a formal complaint to the organization. This can be done via an online form on the Tantric Sexology website below. The complaint should detail the Tantric Sexologist in question, the nature of the concern and any relevant context.

3.  After receiving a complaint one of the main teachers of the Tantric Sexology Education will act as case manager and conduct a preliminary review to determine the nature and the seriousness of the complaint, including whether it involves ethical or safety concerns.

4. Information will be gathered (session notes, emails or any other communication regarding the complaint) and the case manager will speak with the client, the tantric sexologist and any other parties that might be involved.

5. Based on the findings, a resolution to the complaint will be proposed. This could include an apology, changes in practice, additional training for the tantric sexologist, or other remedial actions specific to the complaint.

6. After resolution of the issue all parties involved will receive a written summary outlining the findings of the investigation and the proposed resolution. 


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