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In 25 years of practising and teaching martial arts and 15 years of personal, spiritual and bodywork development, I became passionate about the uninhibited divine feminine expression and the ability of the masculine to hold a safe container for it.


My name is Jeroen, 49 years old, living in Holland. I am a proud father of a son and in relationship with an amazing woman for about 30 years. Through many different faces , this profound relationship has taught me about the power of unconditional love.


I grew up as an insecure pretty face mommy boy. I was sensitive and felt somehow unsafe in the world. I remember i already reached out to God for guidance and had a strong connection with nature.

My journey into myself started at the age of 13, when I was laying in the bushes after being attacked on the street by a group older boys. My friends ran away and I was not able to defend myself, because iI was paralysed by fear. When I stepped out of the bushes, I promised myself to never come back in this powerless situation again. The day after I started to practice Martial arts in order to be able to defend myself in threatening situations. It took me 2 years when i felt safe and confident on the streets again. I also found a way to a deeper wisdom in myself.

In 25 years of practicing and teaching Martial arts, I learned about the extensive ability of the human body and reading body postures. The teachings where mainly focused on masculine practices like leading, guiding, hardening, discipline, non compromising and presence. The daily practice of expanding my awareness inwards and outward created a natural ability of setting boundaries and holding space in a calm masculine presence.

About 12 years ago I started practicing Tantra. I learned and experienced the ability of activating and circulating life force energy in my one and other bodies. Diving into the tantric journey, it started to deepen also my feminine practices. I experienced that by deeply surrendering in my feminine I was able to release pain and trauma holdings in my body. I realized how the feminine in me was such an important balance with my masculinity. The deeper I am able to surrender in my feminine, the deeper I am able to hold space for the feminine in my masculine. The dance between the two polarities in me started to deepen and changed my whole perspective of life and my relationships.


The last years I focused into the fascinating world of Myofascia and experienced how profound this perspective of the body is in relation to releasing trauma woundings and the self healing capacity of the body.

Today, when I provide bodywork sessions and teach this, my own journey in unconditional relationships, Martial arts, Tantra and Myofascia Energetic Release bodywork is my deepest fundament to operate from a non interfered state and create a safe space for deep surrender to happen.






In the last few years of my journey i became passionate about the uninhibited divine feminine expression and the ability of the masculine to hold a safe container for it.

By supporting women to reach their highest potential, they will support men to reach theirs, so that we can lift each other up in compassion, integrity and understanding in order to build the world we want to see.

My mission as a bodyworker is to facilitate women in their journey by inviting them to consciously reconnect through their bodies to their essence.

By setting intentions to be of the highest service, I work from a guided place, stepping out of the way and trusting the process.

☥ 2022 - Cocreator of HEA bodywork training
☥ 2021 - Facilitating Tantric Sexologist Education
☥ 2021 - Self-employement based on Life Purpose - Creation of Reconnect You Bodywork
☥ 2018 - Creation of “Sacred Dojo” ceremony

☥ 2017 - 2022 Myofascia Energetic Release Practisioner
☥ 2016 - Certified The New Tantra Teacher
☥ 2014 - Certified The New Tantra Tantric Bodyworker
☥ 2001 - 2022 Experience in bodywork therapy - provided over 500 1:1 sessions
☥ 2010 - 2022 Practicing Tantra - The New Tantra - participated and assisted over 25 workshops
☥ 2006 - 2022 Experience as (Project) Manager in Air traffic control computer science
☥ 1996 - 2006 Experience as Specialist in Air traffic control computer science
☥ 1996 - Bachelor in Computer science
☥ 1996 - Sensei 2nd dan Tai Jitsu and karate
☥ 1987 - 2015 Practicing and teaching Martial Arts

My story

My passion & expertise

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