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I am here to create balance in the world between the masculine and the feminine, the light and the dark. When we are met, seen and loved with all we are, we become free and can heal our wounded parts.

My passion is to hold space for shame and shadows and help people liberate themselves into their true beings.

My name is Celestine Andersen, I am 40 years old and live in Copenhagen where I also grew up.


My eternal and passionate search for answers to life's big questions led me as a teenager into the world of yoga and tantra. It was the start of my life's journey both personally and professionally. When people ask me why I became a tantra teacher, I feel more that it was the tantra that chose me. Life opened up for me - and I followed.

I was 18 years old and felt life was missing something. I was longing for deep meaning and connection.

I came across a yoga- and tantraschool in Copenhagen, and it turned my life completely upside down.

For the next 12 years I dived deep into the world of tantric philosophy and lifestyle, moved to India, and did many hours of yoga, tantra and meditation everyday. It was a deep and beautiful journey into spirituality and sexuality. I came to a point where I wanted to embrace the more human and psychological aspect and took an education as a psychotheapist

and couples therapist.

I have always wanted to embrace and meet all the aspects about being human.

And finally felt something became complete when combing the spiritual work with the body and sexuality and then deep

therapy work.

As a person I love to embrace and explore all the sides of life. I am both very deep and sensitive and also wild and playful.

I have a background with theatre and art, and love to express myself through photography, dancing and humour.

One of my favorite activities is to laugh and make other people laugh!

My story

My passion & expertise

It is my passion to create balance and harmony between the masculine and the feminine in the human being  and in relationships. There is a natural tension and balance between these two principles. It is the same principles that apply in any relationship, and it is the very balance or lack thereof that determines which direction a relationship goes. I like to see us all as a holistic human being, and unite love, spirit, body, spirituality and sexuality. Tantra is a tool to achieve perfect union in ourselves as human beings between our masculine and feminine side.

☥ Tantra massage for women to open to more pleasure, flow, power and embrace all parts of the being.

☥ Healing women with sexual trauma.

☥ Teaching couples how to open each other through tantra massage.

☥ Tantra training for couples to create more intimacy, polarity and communication.

☥ Facilitating tantric women´s groups in safe sisterhood.

My experience 

☥ Founder of Edens Have in Copenhagen since 2010 with tantra therapy and tantra massage.

☥ Founder & teacher at Tantric Sexologist Embodiment Education at Human Evolutionary Academy.

☥  Yoga and tantra teacher since 2006, facilitating yoga- and tantraclasses, tantric women´s groups and lectures and workhops.

☥ Certied psychotherapist since 2013 and couples therapist since 2019.

☥ 16 years of experince with tantra massage for men and women.

☥ 22 years of experience in deep personal, spiritual and tantric growth.

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