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18-Month Bodyworker Embodiment Education for Men & Women
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Do you love to work with the body ? And are you here to take your work as a massuse or bodytherapist to the next level ?

Are you here to help create a world where men and women are in deep er understanding and connection and have healthy healing relationships.

... A world where intimacy and sex is a gateway to healing and divinity.

... A world where children are not experiencing birth trauma.

... A world that is trauma and nervous system informed.



We have created this education to contribute to the evolution of sexuality and create more healthy and good relationships.

We hold an educational space to strengthen each individual's ability to express heart - and emotional intelligence and achieve life-giving tantric sexuality.

The education will accommodate the work of polarity, both the light and the dark, the masculine and the feminine, the sacred and the wild, sensitivity and expanding consciousness.

This education is 30% learning and 70% embodiment, which means that we hold a space for you to walk the path yourself for deeper integration.

You get the space to align with your heart, your emotional intelligence, your instinctive nature, biology and the sexual life force energy in high integrity to be able to do this work professionally.

We facilitate the strengthening of your life energy and the expansion of your masculine and feminine consciousness so you can authentically and professionally express the voice of your soul in your purpose and relationships.


From an embodied place we guide, communicate and hold space for others, not just from a mental understanding but based on one's own bodily experience.

Tantric Sexologist Education also invites you to expand your business through sexual, emotional, heart and spiritual embodiment as well as deepening your integrity and all the professional aspects of working in this highly sensitive field.

Your root and sacred chakra are your foundation. When you are safe and feeling more pleasure in your body, your self-worth, wisdom and creativity will start flowing more freely. You will increase your manifestation power, set healthy boundaries, and charge what you are truly worth.

During the 18 months you will continuously be inspired and lifted to expand your business to the next level in a sustainable and nutritious way for your life force energy.​

All teachers and facilitators have walked the path themselves personally and professionally and have a common burning mission to create a greater balance between the masculine and the feminine and pass on the sexuality of a new age - and want to help create a new foundation on earth for future generations.

If your mission and passion like ours is to help create more harmony between the masculine and the feminine and embody the conscious sexuality of the new age then you can apply for admission to this education!

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See the video where the founders Riihannon Wilde, Paal Christian Bundtz and Celestine Andersen share how they met and how their friendship has developed and weaved into a shared path and mission in this life.
See the video where the founders Riihannon Wilde, Paal Christian Bundtz and Celestine Andersen share their deepest why behind their work & Tantric Sexology Training.
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Ready to live your life purpose?  
Learn how to professionally

guide singles, couples and groups in
Tantric Sexology

Who can Apply?

Imagine a world that slowed down and where humans lived in deep alignment with nature, spirit and wisdom of their bodies.

... A world wheremen and women would be in deep er understanding and connection, and have healthy healing relationships.

... A world where intimacy and sex would be a gateway to healing and divinity.

... A world where children did not experience birth trauma

... A world that was trauma and nervous system informed

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Who can apply?

This education is a master on top of other education and experience that you have in the area. Therefore we require :

  • You are over 25 years old.

  • You are already a therapist, body therapist, masseur, tantra masseur, couples therapist, coach, facilitator, sexologist or have completed the The Pleasure Temple De-armouring Training  and you have experience with having clients. Or if you have a lot of embodiment experience in tantra already.

  • You have a deep passion in this field and are very willing to dive deep within yourself.

  • We require that you have a certain level of embodiment experience and own therapy working with yourself, your body and other people. 

After you have applied at the bottom of this page, we invite you for an admission interview.


Do you have a passion for? 


  • Helping to convey a new form of embodied knowledge regarding intimacy, sexuality and the relational work which is based on recognized scientific methods, tantra and sacred sexuality.

  • Do you want to communicate and/or guide from a deeper place that is based on tantric principles and thereby help to create a new paradigm in the world for children, youth and adults? A new paradigm that does not create numbness and trauma but instead opens up to the heart and the body's natural sensitive intelligence.

  • Create greater understanding, expansion and unification of the polarity between the masculine and feminine in you, in your relationships and in the world.

  • Professionally to be able to pass on and hold space to release shame and shadows and to create life-enriching tantric sexuality for individuals and couples.

  • To be able to strengthen the couple's attachment patterns, polarity, communication and reduce the relational challenges in the relationship based on tantric wisdom and recognized scientific methods.

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Becoming a Tantric Sexologist is a deepening and an extension to the work you are already doing. We are here to deepen the journey with you so you can physically and consciously guide others from a deeper embodied place.

Which Tantric Foundations are the Teachings Based upon?

How can you Use this Education after Graduating?

Tantra is a thousand of years old knowledge with many traditions and directions. We unite our own embodied experience with the ancient tantric wisdom with modern science in a journey of embracing "The whole human being". The basic idea of ​​tantra is to invoke our natural force - that is to awaken the power of nature through our body and connect with the spiritual and divine which is a natural part of us but which most people have disconnected from today.

The Tantric Sexologist training is based on a holistic understanding - our own bodily experiences and neuroscience that includes acceptance of all that we are as human beings so we can find peace with all parts of our nature and our consciousness. We are rooted in a space that honours our holiness, our nature and at the same time can accommodate all the wild parts of being human and our human imperfection.


  • Embodiment of tantric sexology, neuroscience and the wisdom of nature.

  • Mapping of your own lineage, trauma, shadows, unique constellation, patterns, body neurology and conditioning etc.

  • Clarity and redemption of your own shadows and blind spots so you do not project them onto your clients.

  • Expand your life energy and deepen your own emotional, bodily and conscious development so you can communicate and hold deeper spaces based on your bodily experience rather than just theoretical understanding.

  • Immerse yourself and balance your embodiment of your own feminine and masculine energies.


  • Hold space for, guide and coach couples, men and women based on tantric sexology.

  • Dissemination and bodily teaching of tantric sexology to singles, couples and groups of all ages.

  • Strengthening and optimizing your professional work as well as being a greater contribution to evolution in society within the field of sexology.

  • Supportive international community with people on a similar journey

  • Business and life purpose support

What is expected from you?

High degree of personal responsibility and ownership of own reactions, shadows and projections.

Ready to immerse your own bodily and spiritual practices in everyday life and to purify and let go of what no longer serves you.

High degree of openness and willingness to go deep and at the same time take responsibility for your own boundaries.

Willingness to engage and take personal responsibility for the study, your homework and your own embodiment practice.




Module 1

The Foundation

  • Tantric history and principles.

  • Basic sexological and tantric knowledge.

  • The collective challenges of men and women.

  • Comprehensive mapping of you and your sexual history.

  • Masculine and feminine mapping & foundation.

  • From externalized sexuality (porn) to embodied pleasure and self-touch.

  • Establish your own embodiment and sexual practice.

  • Epigenetics and life force activation optimization.

  • The work of bodily polarity and the field of an inner union.

  • Mapping tools and therapeutic methods for holding client sessions and coaching conversations.​

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Module 2

Defence, Trauma Body and Biological Response

  • Understanding the nervous system, vagus nerve & polyvagal theory.

  • Understanding trauma, biological and somatic coping mechanisms and body armour.

  • Mapping your own childhood conditioning, trauma and coping mechanism.

  • Embodiment tools and practices to heal trauma, sexual trauma and primal conditioning.

  • Breathwork.

  • Exploring sexual archetypes and how to consciously work with them.

  • Understanding and using sexual fantasies as a path of liberation.

  • Cycle awareness - phases of life, the cycle of nature, the cycle of women, understanding the importance of mens sexual energy and phases.

  • How to work with clients to heal emotional and sexual trauma.


Module 3

From Shame and Shadow to Power and Connection

  • The importance of truth and bravery in shadow work.

  • Mapping your projections and shadows.

  • Releasing shame and guilt to powerful expressions.

  • Liberate anger and vulnerability and transform them into authentic power and healthy boundaries.

  • From wounded to mature feminine/masculine.

  • Explore and live out different archetypes through role play.

  • Masculine & Feminine archetypes.

  • Authentic communication, emotional intelligence and vulnerability.

  • Find soul and heart connection.

  • The power of prayer and transmission.

  • Strengthen your own practice and the importance of good integration of this work for you and your clients.


Module 4

Tantric Embodiment I

  • Tantric Sexological Anatomy.

  • Essential conversations before a tantric embodiment practice.

  • Practices to embody the Boundaries and Consent.

  • Soft De-armouring of the full body and sexual organs.

  • Body blockages and trauma and how to release these blockages safely and powerfully.

  • Womb and heart-opening and wisdom.

  • Pelvic health & circulation.

  • Circulation of life energy and kundalini awakening.

  • Optimizing life energy and preventive health in your life.

  • Strengthen your own de-armouring practice.

  • Sexual Turn Ons & Tendencies 


Module 5

Communication, Couple Relationship and Inner Union

  • Building the foundation of a relationship.

  • The relationship cycle - a model for understanding the relationship cycle, opportunities and challenges.

  • Balancing Freedom and commitment in a relationship.

  • Authentic & vulnerable communication.

  • Love language in the relationship.

  • From the desert phase of the relationship to juicy awakening. The importance of polarity and sexual energy.

  • How to be aware and heal trauma in a relationship.

  • Understanding attachment patterns, role dynamics and how to heal and strengthen attachment in the relationship.

  • The importance of shadow-work and embracing the death of the relationship.

  • 1,2,3 stage of feminine and masculine energies.

  • The different forms of relationships and modern forms of couple relationships.

  • Pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum problems and relationships with children.

  • Tantric sexological guidance for couples.

  • Understanding of equal and objective space holding as a professional therapist.


Module 6

Tantric Embodiment II

  • The multi-orgasmic man & woman.

  • The woman's & man's different tantric orgasms.

  • Tantric Lovemaking - Heart, Devotion and Sex.

  • The circulation of life force and sexual energy between a woman and a man.

  • Understanding and embodying good tantric lovemaking.

  • How to have sex with an open kundalini.

  • The importance of switching polarity.

  • Divine Sex - explore the God - Goddess together.

  • Manifestation through sexual opening.

  • Orgasmic birth.

  • Client integrity and confidentiality.

  • Development of your professional practice.

  • Own practice.


Module 7

Integration and Certification

Embodiment evaluation.

Submission of written assignment incl. presentation.

Case test.

Showcase - couple, client or group session.

Forward vision and mission.

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  • 6 Deep Live Modules of 4 days in the daytime throughout the 18 months - in Copenhagen without accommodation (incl. tea and snacks).

  • 1 Certification Module.

  • 4 Group Supervision Days.

  • 100 Practice Hours throughout the 18 months and supervision.

  • Teaching Folder and Printed Out Material.

  • 1 Yummy Zoom Call per month.

  • Life-enriching Tasks and Self-embodiment Practice between each module.

  • Case Work & 1 Written Assignment based on your deepest excitement.

  • Group Support and 1 Accountability Buddy all year round.


  • Theoretical, practical teaching and practice hours during modules - 246 hours.

  • 4 days of group supervision - 24 hours.

  • Zoom calls: 27 hours - 1 call per month for 1½ hour.

  • Practice hours: 130 hours - 6 hours per month.

  • Case study and article writing: 80 hours.

  • Own embodiment practice: 108 hours.

  • Professional coaching / therapy / body therapy: 12 hours. (Self paid)

  • Self-study - literature reading: 106 hours.

    732 hours in total. 


  • SoulHouse Copenhagen - ​Hørsholmsgade 20C, 3. sal, 2200 København N, Denmark and Retreat Space in North of DK

  • Module 1: Thursday – Sunday; 2-5 March 2023; Thursday & Sunday 10:00 - 16:00, Friday & Saturday 10.00 - 20.00

  • Module 2: Thursday – Sunday;  25-28 May 2023; Thursday & Sunday 10:00 - 16:00, Friday & Saturday 10.00 - 20.00

  • Module 3&4: 8 days summer retreat in Jutland 23-30 Aug 2023

  • Module 5: Thursday - Sunday;  7-10 Dec

  • Thursday & Sunday 10:00 - 16:00, Friday & Saturday 10.00 - 20.00

  • Module 6: Thursday – Sunday 28-31 March 2024; Thursday & Sunday 10:00 - 16:00, Friday & Saturday 10.00 - 20.00

  • 4 days of Supervision in group (Dates TBA)

  • Certification & celebration Thursday - Sunday 6-9 June 2024; Thursday & Sunday 10:00 - 16:00, Friday & Saturday 10.00 - 20.00

Read More >


  • Easy and understandable. All teaching material in the folder will be in English. Teaching will be in English. You will always be able to share in Danish and translation is possible. This is because we want to open up and expand internationally in the long run.


Soul House Copenhagen & at our Retreat Center In Nordjylland



Riihannon Wilde

​Main teacher and facilitator, tantra-, psycho-, trauma- & body therapist. Shadow & emotional intelligence expert.

Riihannon Wilde is the founder of The Pleasure Temple where she has been working with women, men and couples for many years. She is specialised in de-armouring and has her own year long training In de-armouring and sacred space holding -  working  deeply with trauma release, nervous system rewiring,  psychosomatics and life force activation.


She has a background and foundation in psychotherapy, neuroscience and her own embodied experiences and is known for her highly sensitive channel and intuitive being.


She is passionate about evolution, shadow work, masculine and feminine union and loves animals and nature more than anything.


Jeroen Cops

​Assisting facilitation and bodyworker & non-ejaculation practitioner.

​Jeroen Cops is founder of Reconnect You bodywork and has a foundation of 25 years of practicing and teaching Martial arts and 15 years of personal, spiritual and bodywork training.


He is passionate about working with women. Through supporting women to reach their highest potential women will support men to reach theirs so that we can lift each other up in compassion, integrity and understanding in order to build the world we want to see.


His mission as a bodyworker is to facilitate women in their journey by inviting them to consciously reconnect through their body to their essence.





 67.000 DKK + VAT


  1.  Pay the full amount 69.000 DKK + VAT before 15 th of September

  2. Pay in 2 rates of 34.500,- + VAT - 1st immediately and 2nd rate before Dec 1st 2022


BEFORE Nov 15th 2022

 79.000 DKK + VAT


  1. Pay the full amount of 79.000 DKK + VAT before 15 th of Nov

  2. Pay in 3 fee-free instalments of 26.333 DKK + VAT - 1st immediately. 2nd rate before  15 th of nov 2022,  3rd rate before Feb 1st  2023  

  3.  18 instalments of 3833,- DKK + 199 DKK, - in fee per month  + Deposit 10.000 DKK + VAT.

The deposit is paid immediately, the instalments on payment plans starts 15 of Nov


89.000 DKK + VAT


  1. Pay the full amount 89.000 DKK + VAT before 1st of march

  2. Pay in 3 fee-free instalments of 29.666 DKK + VAT immediately. 2nd rate before May 1st 2023, 3 Rate before of Oct 1st 2023

  3.  18 instalments of 4388,- DKK + 199 DKK, - in fee per month  + Deposit 10.000 DKK + VAT.

The deposit is paid immediately, the instalments payment starts March 1st.

Untitled design.png

Your spot is secured after application approval and first payment.
Remember that you can deduct the 25% VAT in your company.
If you are coming from a foreign country you might not have to pay the VAT or get it refunded.

Good to Know

There is no sexual interactions included on the Tantric Sexologist education journey but nakedness, bodywork and energywork will occur. You are of course invited to hold your clear boundaries in any given moment but we will also encourage you to challenge yourself to grow. We highly honor and support individual boundaries and a high level of integrity and communication in our common group dynamics.

What is the Tantric Sexology education? And how does Tantric Sexologist differ from
other types of sexologist educations in Denmark?

Tantric Sexologist differs from a regular sexologist or clinical sexologist education by being holistic and grounded in nature and your own bodily embodiment journey. In other words the Tantric Sexologist's training is grounded in physical and energetic exercises rather than mental teaching and learning.

The Tantric sexologist education has it's foundation in the energy work, the tantric, bodily, psychological, relational, evolutionary and spiritual work where as a clinical sexologist is more based upon anatomy, learning about dysfunctions and oriented to work in the hospital system. Tantric Sexologist differs from a more traditional sexologist education by working with relational and intimacy evolution where a traditional sexologist education primarily works on the psychological level and learns about different relationship dynamics and branches of sexualities.

If you have any doubts about whether or not this is the right education for you, you are always welcome to contact us before you apply.

Do you need to call and talk to us - Send a text message to Celestine on tel. +45 31218288 to book a call.


Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to make creative changes for the highest purpose according to the content on the modules.

You have a 14-day right of withdrawal after sign up.


Frequently asked questions

1. It says that the course is certified. certified by who - which specific organisation or institution and which credits does it have to grand certifications?

We are a member of The Danish Sexologist Organisation in Denmark. The organisation holds a high standard of ethics and have credibility but it is not a higher official certification authority.

We are seeking approval at the organisation called Dakobe (Dansk Behandlerforbund) which is an organisation for therapists and private schools that among other things works to ensure the safety of clients and therapists.

The sexologist title is not a protected title so the official certification you will receive is through us - the team at The Human Evolutionary Academy. Our mission is to take part in cleaning up the field and ensure a new evolution of high levels of integrity and embodiment in the field. The certification and credibility is linked to the fact that you will be a part of that mission and level of standard within the sexology and tantric field.
This is also why we demand a certain level of experience with clients for you to be eligible for this education and we support and facilitate your own embodiment practices between modules for you to get it integrated thoroughly. Our aim is to attract people who are with us on this mission and that is the certification we hold.
You can of course also use the Tantric Sexologist certification from us in the future to get credibility from a lot of different places.


2. What is the educati

onal background of the teachers in the field of sexology? Who are your teachers that taught you, your resources and the tantra stream you follow? Is it Osho teachings or any other background and experience you carry on and offer to teach? As I follow many other well known tantric teachers around the world, and their background matters a lot to me before I commit to their courses. 

We honour you for asking this. 

I, Riihannon will start out by saying that I am first and foremost deeply based in my own embodiment journey, the experience of pain and pleasure, embodiment and awakening, and deep listening and following my own intuitive path as well as investigating deep into neuroscience. I have been working with more than 1000 of clients doing de-armouring, tantra individual, couples sessions and professional psychotherapy and I have 11 years of professional experience and self-employment in the field.
Teachers I have learned from and are deeply inspired by (good and bad) - My parents, Nature, David Deida, John Wineland, Susanne Roursgaard, Mantak Chia, Mattias Swenteck, Alex Vartman, Andrea Page, Steven Porges, Peter Levine. 
I have studied with Susanne Roursgaard (De-armouring), Life Academy (Psychotherapist) The new tantra, and I am currently doing a Master at The Institute for Aliveness in the US in Preventative Health - to become a holistic health and life coach.

I, Celestine started my tantric journey 21 years ago. At first, I followed Natha Yogacenter in Denmark for 12 years - The centre's teachings are based upon the classic philosophy of yoga and tantra. Combined with many yoga - and silent retreats in India. At the age of 30 I went on my own path - I graduated as a psychotherapist and couples therapist and went on a deep self-inquiry journey of reintegrating tantra in a more authentic way from the truth within. My tantric lifestyle today is a combination of the ancient classical tantra that includes a practice of healthy living, yoga, meditation, energy- and breath work together with therapy and shadow work.
My main source of inspiration, path and teachers have been Natha Yogacenter, Atman Federation, Human Education Group, Mantak Chia, David Deida, Saida Desilets and more. 

I, Paal have explored deeper level consciousness and healing modalities for about 25 years. I have been an independent course facilitator, coach and psychotherapist for the last 15 years. I founded The Wildman 5 years ago and I have guided hundreds of men through a masculine initiation process. I have studied tantra with The New Tantra for 5 years, Betty Martin, David Cates and David Deida, self-inquiry
– Gangaji & Eli for 7 years, shadow work (archetypes and Jungian therapy), shamanism (School of Movement Medicine and Ayahuasca Foundation), different healing modalities and yoga (hatha yoga, kundalini yoga and QiGong).
​I am a certified integral sexologist (Human Education Group), tantra teacher and bodyworker. I am also an accredited coach and therapist (NLP Practitioner – The Paradigm Academy/The Journey-Accreditated Therapist) and have studied trauma therapy and healing of the inner child.


3. What is the precise VAT pay added to the invoice? As I know in Denmark holistic services have different reduced VAT rates.

The Danish VAT price is 25% on top. You can deduct this amount if you have a business.



4. How deep and detailed are the modules? I see a long and interesting list of topics, quiet profound ones but only 6 modules to cover it all. 

We will dive as deep as possible and as the group dynamic allows into embodiment practices and with a minimum of teaching for the mind but of course it will be included too. You will get material for the mind to study in between the modules plus lots of embodiment practices and hours of practice. There will be 6 modules of 4 full days + 4 supervisions days combined with self-study, practice groups, homework and more. We expect a certain level of experience so that we can also dive deep as fast as possible.




5. Why is the course stretched to 1,5 year? What will the 3 months in between the classes be spend on? How much supervised guidance will we receive - if any additional practices and meetings are to be held in between the modules? 

In between the modules, it is intended for you to have hours of practice (give and receive sessions with or without supervision) + 4 group supervision days.
We will provide support for you to dive deep into your own embodiment practices and to give sessions. It will be a time of integration, investigation, practice and study. Below this text I've put the modules for you t have a look at  - all the orange marked ones are in between each module - so that we really get immersed it all deeply into our lives.
You will have a buddy, the whole group, an FB-group, and us as support for the whole duration of the training which is 18 months. The reason why for the 2-3 months between the modules is for you to have enough time to practice and study and integrate this profound knowledge. In our experience time gives you the chance to integrate what you have learned, as this is not just an information-based education but based on embodiment and practice. 

We know that deep embodiment work takes time and therefore holding the container for 18 months and the high level of integrity it does not feel as a high price to us - quite the opposite.

Below you can see a overview of the modules - the module in orange is what is going to take place between modules :

  • 4 day group Supervision - 24 hours

  • Zoom calls: 27 hours - 1 call per month for 1½ hour.

  • Hours of practice on other students or clients : 130 hours - 6 hours per month.

  • Case study and article writing: 80 hours.

  • Own embodiment practice: 108 hours.

  • Professional coaching / therapy / body therapy: 12 hours (Self paid). 

  • Self study - literature reading: 106 hours.

7. ​What are the conditions for enrollment - do you do an interview or is it enough to fill up your online application form?

After you have sent in the application form we will set up a video call with you for us to meet one another and learn more about you and then the official sign up can happen. 

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