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Tantric Sexology Blog

Dive deeper with us into Tantric Sexology

Are you Ready to Embody Evolution?

Are you passionate about embodying and sharing a new kind of sexuality?

If so, we have good news for you.

Modern sexologists have given us tools to liberate us from shame and guilt from religious suppression. Thanks to their work, we can heal sexual traumas and step in our birthright to enjoy our pleasure body. We dare to speak more openly about orgasms and lovemaking.

Today we live in a hectic culture where superficiality, looks and instant pleasure is worshipped. We see a growing addictive sexual behaviour where porn and sex toys shall give instant satisfaction. The youth are being trained towards a porn based sexuality in lack of mature sexual education. Sex is often performance-based and goal-oriented towards short, peak orgasms. And you can have as many orgasms, partners and sex as your hunger wants.

We believe the world is ready for a new, more mature sexual paradigm.

We invite people to slow down to the pace of nature, breath, feel more and deeply, listen, and act according to the heart and body's needs. We can become intimate with ourselves and develop more profound sensuality. By being honest with ourselves, we can develop emotional intelligence and heart coherence.

In the liberation from the religious dogmas, we lost some of the sacredness of our sexuality. We believe we need to take a step back and start conserving and circulating our sexual energy. Use the sexual energy to heal, create deep intimacy and awaken the kundalini and the energetic pleasure body. Through the deep work we offer, we see that it is possible to liberate and create a union between our divine masculine and our sacred feminine.

We believe it is time for more professionals to truly embody this new sexual evolution to guide youth, singles, couples and groups more deeply.

If you believe like us that it is time to give opportunities to create healthier and evolving relationships. In this process, you know the importance of practising shadow work and exploring different archetypes. We invite people to become more securely attached and practice authentic and truthful communication. A more embodied sexuality will also support more intimacy and deeper bonding in a relationship.

Partners that want to create a family can learn about conscious conceptions and orgasmic birth. It is possible to create healthy families that live in connection with their own nature, respect for each other and Mother Nature. The new paradigm invites us to see life and the world through a sacred lens and do our best to act accordingly for the benefits of ourselves, our family, society and all beings.

We invite you to an embodied education so that you can live and share this knowledge with your loved ones, clients, and the world. If you are interested in reading more about our 18 months Tantric Sexologist Education, feel free to check out the link here.


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