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Dive Deeper with us into Tantric Sexology
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Dive Deeper with us into Tantric Sexology

From shame to liberating female sexuality

For centuries women have been taught to be the nice girls, to behave, to tame their wisdom, control their reactions and be quiet. If a girl has had many lovers, it is looked upon with disgust like she is cheap or a whore. On a physical level, there is also bodily shame on the female sexuality.

Throughout time women have tried to rise again and break free from the suppression. And in the attempt to have more freedom and a stronger voice in society and in the field of the couple relationship, it has on some level resulted in a fight between the man and the woman. Many women today feel more empowered, but also sometimes more masculine.

It is resulting in stress, control, anger – and men being afraid of women and feeling inadequate. So how can we be strong, free and sexually empowered, without scaring the men away? Can we as women dare to fully open in our lust, to be wild and express our fully awakened sexual energy and emotions? How can releasing shame also be the gate to step up in our life purpose and business.

In this talk about the Female Sexuality, we will look into the deep subconscious shame and fears we as men and women, can have upon the female sex. We will talk into ways and methods on how to liberate, heal and celebrate the feminine power and pleasure. We want to inspire women how to be fully empowered and sexually awakened, and still be a feminine woman. And how to embrace that power within and still encourage and respect the man for his masculine way of being, inspiring him to stand in his truth and power. We meet so many women who does't know what they want and what brings them pleasure and how to manifest themselves fully in their purpose/business.

​They have shut off from being curious and open about their own sexuality. From being Free. Oft en women are either numb or ashamed or the opposite, controlling and dominating. It is time to take responsibility of our own bodies and sexuality and dive deep into a liberating and ecstatic exploration of our selves.

Celestine and Riihannon invite you to come join this journey of releasing shame, so we as men and women can heal our connection and meet on a much deeper level in love and intimacy.

Sign up below to join us for this deep dive.

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