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Heated discussions are going on in the Tantric Community.
Btw the use of the Transformational approach vs the Trauma-informed, therapeutical approach. 

  • Practitioners of the therapeutic approach often claim that the practitioners of the transformational approach
    are irresponsible; they can traumatize and often abuse people. 


  • Practitioners of the transformational approach often claim that the therapeutic approach
    identifies too much with their trauma story and that they don't understand the healing power
    of the transformational, direct experience of reality.

    We want to share our experience with you of working with both approaches :

  • We will highlight the pros and cons of the two methods. 

  • The necessary fundament when facilitating and holding space.

  • Give a deeper understanding of when to use which approach from our experience.

  • Give a holistic model of the human psyche to work with the therapeutic and transformational approaches.

  • How to support students and clients can choose the right approach for them.

  • How we can end the Perpetrator, Victim, Helper triangle in the tantric community

  • We will present a third approach (The Tantric Sexologist way of working) that takes the best out of both approaches.

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11. September at 11:00 am

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