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Becoming a certified Tantric Sexologist means that you qualfy to apply
for this teacher training below. 


As you know, we are passionate about human evolution and we are looking for people that share this fire with us to join our core team and to help the education and our movement to expand aswell as deepening your own professional embodiment.

For this we created the Tantric Sexology Teacher Training.

During the Tantric Sexology Teacher Training you will join the core team in running the education. This consists of assisting and facilitating at the live modules, supervision and certification, supporting the students on their unique journeys, engaging with students through our online platform, joining team meetings and receiving regular feedback and reflections. The training focusses mostly on embodied experience  and what it takes to facilitate and run this education, less on the technical aspects of teaching. 

We invite you to join us on an exciting journey that will deepen your personal and professional embodiment even further as you show up as an assistant, teacher and facilitator on the education. During these 1,5 years (first zoomcall is 18th of August 10:00-12:00, first module is 3-9 September) you will be part of our core team, where we go deep, grow, share and celebrate together. 

What we ask from your in return is that you are fully on for this journey and are committed to join us in the upcoming rounds of the education.  And ultimately can see yourself facilitate and run aspects of this education in the future.


Do you feel called? Please read all details below and that you are available to join all modules.
Apply below and we will contact you for an intake call!

           What you receive : 

  • Become a part of the core team in the TS 2024-2026 round.

  • Uplevel your embodied experience as an assistant, facilitator and teacher. 

  • Receive regular feedback and reflections from Riihannon, Mathijs, Celestine and Jeroen to support your professional & personal process.

  • Get in depth experience on how to run an education.

  • Join us during the live modules, supervision and certification modules in Skoven Kalder

  • Be a part of the delicious team regulation practices (spa, restaurants, bodywork, etc.)

  • A posibilty to facilitate this education as a paid role in the future.

  • An opportunity to expand your client network and refferals into your existing business.

    It is hard to put a value on this offering, as we are inviting you into our most intimate spaces and it is potentially another life changing journey. Practically in terms of food, accommodation, mentoring, regulation practices we value the training at 150.000 DKK.

    However, we are not looking for money, we want you to join us long term.

What we expect in return :

  • A desire to grow and learn to facilitate and run the education.  Open to feedback and to be vulnerable.

  • A feeling of deep alignment with the teachings and our mission.

  • Your full presence and loving care for the students throughout their whole journey

  • Facilitating (if ready) during the live modules and present for supervision and certification

  • Online presence on our kajabi platform, engaging with students.

  • Presence at our monthly Kajabi 'zoom' meetings.

  • Available to assist Riihannon and Mathijs in the running of the education. We will specify what this means in detail  on a call with you. It will also depend on your alignment and passion

  • Being available to engage with and answer student questions.

  • Team confidentiality

  • This is a big energetic investment and commitment for us so we expect you to this coming education round in 2024-2026 for free as a training ground. And to commit to joining at least the following next two rounds of the Tantric Sexology education as a part of the TS team in a paid role If after the 2024-2026 round you choose not to continue, 150.000 DKK will be charged for the exchange.

  • Time committment: The time commitment is roughly as follows, but we cannot overstate enough that it mostly depends on your own surrendered leadership, passion and alignment, so these hours may vary:
    Live modules = 7 days every three months (1 day before and 1 day after incl. Travel time)
    Supervision = 2x four days
    Certification = six days
    Zoom meetings = 1x 2 hours + 1 hour prep per month
    Engaging with students + challenges = 2 to 10 hours per month
    Team check-ins = 2-4 hours per month
    Working with Riihannon and  Mathijs = 2-10 hours per month


  • Compensation: the compensation for the two rounds after 2026 will most likely be somewhere between 90.000 DKK and  270.000 DKK per 18 month round based on your role, responsibility level and what you end up doing behind the scenes in the education. It also depends on how many students join the education and the development of the education. 

  • All of the above depends highly on your own surrendered leadership, passion and alignment. We invite you to take initiative and view this as a mission and purpose more than a 'job'.  For us this whole education is a journey into the unknown, trusting in our embodied experience and following our alignment in each moment, this requires a deep trust in yourself and your essence and will most likely trigger and challenge you in your deepest parts, As a team we are there to support each other through this. 

    There are 2 spots available for this teacher training and we will decide based on alignment on multiple levels.



 September 2024

Thank you for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

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