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Tantric Sexology Blog

Dive deeper with us into Tantric Sexology

Fie Sommer - What has happened after becoming a certified Tantric Sexologist?

In this video interview Fie Sommer shares how Tantric Sexologist Embodiment Education has supported her to shift her business into even deeper alignment. Now offering sessions, workshops, courses and a festival in the field of tantra - after completing the education. Fully self employed. She also shares about overcoming the fears of working in this field and her mission of working with the younger generation around sexuality. This woman is despite her young age deeply embodied and wise - on fire with a mission to change the sexual paradigme. We invite you to join us for an authentic conversation around stepping fully into purpose :

Here is link to the Trauma aware - Alive Tantra Festival that Fie is creating in Copenhagen together with Cherie :


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