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And what holistic, trauma-informed sexuality means

Our vision, mission, values and principles contain the essence of Tantric Sexology.

Here you can read the why, what and how of everything we do.

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We want to create a world where holistic, trauma-informed sexuality is normal.

In our experience, the journey towards holistic, trauma-informed sexuality serves the change we want to see in the world by:

- Creating awareness on how everything and everyone is connected. 

- Allowing to slow down and resensitise the body and mind.

- Bringing awareness to traumas and (un)conscious conditioning.

- Opening the body and mind up to their innate wisdom and pleasure.

- Feeling the richness our emotions have to offer without judgement

- Enabling people to notice and express boundaries and desires.

- Showing the workings of sexual (life-force) energy and how to navigate it.

- Having people experience different layers of consciousness.

- Relating consciously to ourselves and others.

- Connecting people to their authentic expression.

As Tantric Sexology, this is our contribution to the evolution of humanity.


Through our embodiment educations, we take people on a personal and professional embodiment journey as well as support them in opening up to their essence and purpose. Once certified, Tantric Sexologists join our community of holistic, trauma-informed leaders, facilitators and visionaries. Together we support each other as a community and human evolution through one-on-one client sessions, workshops, festivals, and other creative ways. 

 We define ourselves by bringing a high level of integrity into the field of tantra and sexuality, and our holistic approach of combining embodied experience with the ancient wisdom of tantra and the modern approach of science. 




A Tantric Sexologist feels safe and is able to authentically express themselves, is familiar with shadow work, is de-armoured and has unlocked the orgasmic potential of their body.




A Tantric Sexologist has knowledge of trauma and the autonomic nervous system, has dived deep into their own timeline, is aware of their own trauma responses and knows how to regulate their nervous system.



A Tantric Sexologist is familiar with the consciousness of oneness, is able to track what happens in their system on a physical, emotional, energetical, mental and spiritual level and act in a way that serves the highest good. They are able to see how everything is connected.



A Tantric Sexologist is able to connect to and knows how to surrender to consciousness, is aware of their own judgments and conditioning and does not let them interfere while serving in line with the highest good.


Knowledge around trauma and the autonomic nervous system, dived deep into their own timeline, is aware of own trauma responses and knows how to regulate their nervous system



A Tantric Sexologist is aware of their sexual shadows, arousals and behaviours, is authentic in their sexual expression, they are aware of and have lived out their sexual fantasies, has a good understanding of boundaries and consent, and embraces without judgment a wide range of genders, body types, sexuality and relationship diversity.


Knowledge around trauma and the autonomic nervous system, dived deep into their own timeline, is aware of own trauma responses and knows how to regulate their nervous system



A Tantric Sexologist embodies a high level of integrity. They know how to frame therapy and session, acts professionally, upholds the TS code of ethics, is a part of the TS community, has supervision and is certified.


Knowledge around trauma and the autonomic nervous system, dived deep into their own timeline, is aware of own trauma responses and knows how to regulate their nervous system



A Tantric Sexologist has a basic understanding of tantra, neuroscience, de-armouring, mycofascial release and sexology.


Knowledge around trauma and the autonomic nervous system, dived deep into their own timeline, is aware of own trauma responses and knows how to regulate their nervous system

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A holistic perspective

The essence of all existence is consciousness and through that root, everything is connected. We approach life and human beings from this perspective. This means we acknowledge all aspects of life as an expression of the devine, the dark and the light. A tantric sexology practitioner is open to all parts of existence and our being.

Consciousness has no judgement

What this means is that there is no right or wrong, there are only consequenses. The discernment of right and wrong is seen as a mental process. At Tantric Sexology we try not to judge in terms of right or wrong, rather we look at an individual's unique timeline and see what is in alignment in the moment. There is a Buddhist saying ‘as many monks as many paths’, which fits perfectly in this philosophy.


Life is a dance between polarities

We believe that in order to embody your full potential it is important to explore the masculine and feminine polarity in your being. The first step from essence is masculine and feminine or ‘shiva’ or ‘shakti’ as it is called in some tantric traditions. During the education we will invite and challenge you to stretch yourself in both directions.

As above so below

This principle embodies the truth that there is always a correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of being and life. What happens on one plane of existance has its impact on all planes. The micro and the macro are constantly connected with eachother. The body, for example, reflects what is alive on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Another example is that what happens in ourselves is a reflection of what happens in the world.

Share from an authentic place & embodied experience

There are so many schools, teachings, theories and systems in the world. Because of internet they are more easily accesible then ever. We want to remind you that your experience is what matters most. We invite you to question us and everything you read. Explore what feels right to you and what is in alignment with your truth. Disagree, be sceptic and curious. Explore the teachings and methods yourself, so you can find out what works for you. It is important to be authentic in what you share and that you share only what you have lived yourself. This is how you become able to embody your essence and share it with the world.

Sexual energy as a fuel for manifesting your purpose

In Tantra sexual energy is recognised as a gateway to different states of consciousness, eventually even a way to reach union with the devine. By building up our sexual energy (for instance by refraining from peak orgasms) and learning how to direct the energy it can become a very powerful tool for health, healing, deconditioning of limiting beliefs and patterns that do not serve anymore. In this way sexual energy is used for personal and spiritual growth and manifesting a life that is alinged with your essence. Recognising sexual energy in this way turns sexuality in a genuine spiritual practice.

We are trauma-informed

It is our opinion that when working in the field of tantra and sexuality it is essential to have an understanding of trauma and the nervous system. Given the amount of people in the world that have experienced (sexual) trauma, as tantric sexologists, we need to be able to recognise signs of trauma response and know how to help our clients regulate, so that we can serve them best. If we don’t the sessions will be less effective or risk re-traumatising someone.

Our education is rooted in Tantra

Tantra is a rich spiritual philosophy which has roots going back thousands of years and branches that reach across many asian countries and cultures. Since reaching the west it has transformed even more with the upcoming of neo-tantra. Tantric Sexology is not an in depth tantra education, there wouldn’t be enough time to do it justice. However, the fundament of Tantric Sexology is rooted in tantric principles like: a holistic perspective, polarity, the principle of correspondence and recognising sexual energy as life force. As an education we aspire to give you a solid understanding and experience of these principles, so that you can apply these in your personal and professional life.

We use scientific insights for structure & safety

Just as Tantric Sexology is not an in depth tantra education, it is also not an in depth education in sexology. We acknowledge the contribution science, in the form of psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics and sexology have made in navigating the landscape of the personality and opening to deeper layers of authenticity. We use the insights, models and techniques created in these fields as tools to give structure and safety so that the necessery deconditioning can take place for us and our clients to embody our authentic expression of self. There are different types of sexologists, ranging from clinical sexologists to sexological bodyworkers. On this spectrum we position ourselves in the area of sexological bodywork as we use talk, movement, breath and touch-based approaches to help our clients.

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