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For the Tantric Sexology staff

Facilitators and assistants of the Tantric Sexology education agree that:

  • Their main focus and primary ethical responsibility is for their students’ wellbeing.

  • They work to establish a relationship which the student experiences as safe, consensual and fully engaged.

  • They intend to share their knowledge and experience in a way that brings the student back to their own inner wisdom and they will not push or persuade the student into a change, treatment or intervention of any kind.

  • They bring awareness to the power dynamic between them and the students and the vulnerable position that students might find themselves in while working on trauma, shadows and tantric sexuality.

  • They work to support the student into their experience of embodiment. When consensual touch is included it is solely for the purposes of the student’s learning and growth and as much as possible is guided by the student in great respect for their boundaries.

  • They commit to their own personal growth, self care, professional development and on-going peer and professional supervision.

  • They understand and acknowledge that all student information must be kept confidential at all times, and that according to Danish Data Law, all client journals must be safe and securely stored.

  • They are not to begin any form of sexual contact or romantic intimacy with students for a minimum of one (1) year after the completion of the TS education, except where there is a pre-existing romantic or sexual relationship, or a professional peer-level relationship, between the teacher or assistant and student.

  • They are here to serve with their experience and wisdom and have a role in that, however, they are also human. We are not here with the full perfect truth and answers. The facilitators and assistants disclaim any expectations and possible projections of being perfect. They love to serve as an inspiration, but every student is fully responsible for owning their self-worth and value.


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