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Meet the creators & facilitators behind Tantric Sexology 

Our facilitators are open for bookings for sessions and immersions.

Read more about their offerings under each team member. 

RIIHANNON WILDE - TS founder, Main teacher during and outside the modules

Area of expertise: Trauma informed Tantric De-armouring & pleasure expert. Body therapy, trauma and nervous system teacher. Shadow worker and anger release facilitator. Tantric Sexuality wisdom and couple's work. Communication and emotional intelligence. Soul business manifestation.

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MATHIJS MULDER-BARGE - Main teacher during and outside the modules

Area of expertise: creating alignment, classical tantra, silent meditation, emotional hygiene, shadow work, embodiment, sexuality and relationships


CELESTINE ANDERSEN - TS founder, teacher during the modules

Area of expertise: ​Tantra massages, tantric wisdom, couple's work, tantric sexuality, pleasure, female sexuality.

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JEROEN COPS - Teacher during the modules

Area of expertise: ​​Trauma informed Tantric De-armouring bodywork, specialized in women. Myofascial Energetic Release, Heart intelligence, Martial arts and Presence.


SILJE B - TS Assistant

Assistant during our educational modules for students & facilitators, kitchen fairy

Image by Dagmara Dombrovska


"I believe everything happening on a macro level is represented in the micro. HEA is a framework and organism that explores to create evolution in the micro. This is what I have devoted my life to. To create embodied evolution


I am Riihannon, 39 and danish. I live in the north of Denmark surrounded by nature.

What I facilitate, teach and hold space today in our Tantric Sexology Embodiment Education & on my Tantric De-armouring trainings is rooted in 15 years of client & group work and rooted in my own personal embodied experiences.

As a woman, ​everything changed inside and outside 7 years ago when everything I ever longed for was found inside of me - in my womb and body. Through de-armouring & tantric sexuality practises I was able to open my body to 8 different types of orgasms and had/have many satori and expanded consciousness experiences. It led me to transcend everything I had ben taught about the body and devote my lives mission to bring this path into the world to ultimately support a more connected and love based future for humanity.


Embodying and opening my body completely to all its pleasure potential, love and divine creativity not only made my sexlife so much more also helped me manifest with much more ease, but also took me home to my deepest soul truth, feeling of deep self-worth, and took my artistic expression, business and relationship with men to a whole new level. My self-leadership and sense of power expanded radically.


The power and pleasure potential of a woman's and man´s body is unbelievably powerful and amazing and one of the most divine and magnetic forces on the planet.I believe that changing the world needs to be done you and me embodying the mature feminine and masculine instead of merely talking about it.

My own journey in life prior to my divine pleasure awakening has taken me through many dark nights of my soul overcoming, depression, overweight, stress, and suicide attempt. Today I am very grateful as it has all been a part who I am today. The darkness made me fearless of death and to live my life fully.

Through de-armouring, tantric practises, trauma & nervousystem rewiring, awareness training, acting on my intuition and souls calling and artistic expression, I have healed my feeling of disconnection, depression, stress, overweight, and broken deeply unhealthy patterns with men and addictions.


Today I am living my soul's purpose honouring the feminine way and having the most soul-fulfilling relationships. All of that leaves me in deep gratitude. Living my soul purpose to the fullest and have never felt more free inside.


 TPT De-armouring method & arts, trauma release, nervous system rewiring, lifeforce flow and pleasure awakening. And to do the process in a safe and grounded way true to your reality and nature.


 Tantric Sexology guiding singles and couples 


Anger & Shadow work to align you fully with your power, clarity and souls path 

Guiding you to bring union within your feminine and masculine aspects


Helping you create the deepest level of alignment in your life purpose, relationships and intimacy

Helping you open your body and life to a whole new level of inner power, peace and pleasure

Guiding you to open to your full creative and life force potential

Soul business & non interfered leadership


Founder & teacher at Tantric Sexologist Embodiment Education at Human Evolutionary Academy.


Founder of TPT De-armouring method & art. Have been teaching it to others for 4 years and been a bodyworker with 8 years of experience doing 1:1 sessions combining tantric de-armouring, trauma release & rewiring, psychotherapy, intuitive and shamanic healing techniques

15 years of Facilitation experience, working with groups educations, retreats, company staff and CEOs

5 years of experience in Sexual / Life Force Healing Work

Sexual de-armouring training by Susanne Roursgaard

Educated Psychotherapist & Coach

Currently under education to become a Master of Science & Epigenetics.

As a part of my own journey, I have healed asthma, eczema, severe stress, depression, severe overweight, body numbness, suicide attempt 11 years ago, and lack of feeling pleasure with the tools I share in today

Self-employed since 2009, with my intuition being my best guide and life & business coach

Educated as a decorator, interior designer and conceptual artist

Artist at since 2009 (formerly known painting huge wall art paintings and doing mindfulness projects all over Denmark)

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I strongly believe that a holistic, trauma-informed approach to sexuality can heal and empower humanity. This has become an important part of my life and it is my deepest pleasure to share it with you.


My name is Mathijs, I am 35 years old, I am born in the Netherlands and currently live in Lanzarote, Spain with my wife and son. 

I bring a unique combination of business insight and spirituality to Tantric Sexology. I combine the insights from my own healing journey and my experience as a facilitator with my background as a specialist in aligning business processes and leading companies. As a facilitator in the education, my main focus is on alignment with purpose, personal growth, classical tantra and emotional hygiene. 

In the early 'darker' years of my life, I felt like I didn't belong. I didn't know how to 'fit in' and being myself just led to me being bullied and feeling more alienated. I fell into states of depression and social anxiety. I totally disconnected and fled into a world of online gaming. I adjusted myself so many times to fit into society, that I had forgotten who I really was. At some point, I learned how to behave in order to become 'successful'. I had a girlfriend, a house and a career path at a major company. But inside, I was still suffering.

My life changed significantly after my first silent meditation retreat. Those 10 days in silence reconnected me to a part of myself that I had forgotten. I decided to quit my job and move to Mexico to study yoga, tantra and meditation. I consider that to be the start of a journey that has led me through deep healing and empowerment. During the first years, I completely immersed myself in the teachings of different contemplative traditions, undertaking many silent meditation and dark retreats, while living in a tantric community. It opened me up to layers of consciousness I didn't even know existed. It was a profound journey into silence and getting to know the sacredness of life.

Even though practicing and teaching yoga, tantra and meditation had opened me up in so many ways, I noticed that it didn't fully provide me with a sense of well-being on the level of my personality. I didn't feel competent when it came to emotions, sexuality or money at all and my practice didn't provide me with solutions. To get better at navigating my emotional landscape I joined a community dedicated to emotional hygiene in the Netherlands. It was here that I learned about the power and art of owning and expressing your emotions in a healthy and embodied way. Embracing my emotions and having the tools to navigate them, empowered me into leadership and making money.

There was still a big part that was mostly unaddressed though, which was my body and sexuality. A first big change in this area started when I met my wife, Larissa, who is a relationship and sexuality coach. The second shift happened when I signed up for the first round of Tantric Sexology. In and outside of the education I immersed myself in the world of trauma awareness, bodywork and sexuality. It was the cherry on the cake of my personal journey and it catapulted my professional journey. I decided to offer my corporate experience and expertise in the realm of tantra and emotional hygiene to the education and joined the teaching team for the 2023 round of Tantric Sexology.

Currently, I am fully dedicated to realise the vision and mission of Tantric Sexology. Looking back at the first 25 years of my life with my current knowledge and experience, I see how disconnected I was from my power, sensitivity and authenticity. My timeline serves as an inspiration for me to help create a world where holistic, trauma-informed sexuality is normal. I believe this is the key to healing and empowering humanity.


My gift is to create alignment. I used to do this in corporate and now I use it to help people align with their essence and life purpose. 

I love using my expertise in the realm of trauma, shadow work, tantric sexuality and conscious relating to help my clients thrive. 

My passion is Tantric Sexology and to use my broad skillset to create a movement that will change the sexual paradigm in the world.

Helping people become their own best lover

Giving people in relationships the tools to reconnect to themselves and each other

The five fundamentals of thriving: embodiment, sexual mastery, emotional hygiene, personal leadership and inspiration.


Tantric Sexologist and facilitator at Tantric Sexology education

 Managing director at New Eden retreat center in the Netherlands

Studying Tantric Sexology at human evolutionary academy in Denmark

Managing Amatista retreat center in Lanzarote

Founder of Triple Earth, from where I offered interim management solutions on a senior management level

Heart IQ Awakened living program and 90 day challenge at New Eden retreat center in the Netherlands


10 day dark retreat at the Hermitage, Guatamala

Center Manager for Hridaya Yoga in Mazunte, Mexico.

500hr Yoga teacher training at Hridaya Yoga in Mazunte, Mexico

Attending and hosting Hridaya Silent meditation retreats, in total spending 100+ days in silence.

Studying different esoteric teachings with Senia and Freya Melchizedek at One Consciousness Academy. 

Working in Supply Chain/Retail environments in different roles.

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I am here to create balance in the world between the masculine and the feminine, the light and the dark. When we are met, seen and loved with all we are, we become free and can heal our wounded parts.

My passion is to hold space for shame and shadows and help people liberate themselves into their true beings.


My name is Celestine Andersen, I am 40 years old and live in Copenhagen where I also grew up.


My eternal and passionate search for answers to life's big questions led me as a teenager into the world of yoga and tantra. It was the start of my life's journey both personally and professionally. When people ask me why I became a tantra teacher, I feel more that it was the tantra that chose me. Life opened up for me - and I followed.

I was 18 years old and felt life was missing something. I was longing for deep meaning and connection. I came across a yoga- and tantraschool in Copenhagen, and it turned my life completely upside down. For the next 12 years I dived deep into the world of tantric philosophy and lifestyle, moved to India, and did many hours of yoga, tantra and meditation everyday. It was a deep and beautiful journey into spirituality and sexuality. I came to a point where I wanted to embrace the more human and psychological aspect and took an education as a psychotheapistand couples therapist.

I have always wanted to embrace and meet all the aspects about being human. And finally felt something became complete when combing the spiritual work with the body and sexuality and then deep therapy work.As a person I love to embrace and explore all the sides of life. I am both very deep and sensitive and also wild and playful.

I have a background with theatre and art, and love to express myself through photography, dancing and humour. One of my favorite activities is to laugh and make other people laugh!

It is my passion to create balance and harmony between the masculine and the feminine in the human being  and in relationships. There is a natural tension and balance between these two principles. It is the same principles that apply in any relationship, and it is the very balance or lack thereof that determines which direction a relationship goes. I like to see us all as a holistic human being, and unite love, spirit, body, spirituality and sexuality. Tantra is a tool to achieve perfect union in ourselves as human beings between our masculine and feminine side.


Tantra massage for women to open to more pleasure, flow, power and embrace all parts of the being.

Healing women with sexual trauma.

Teaching couples how to open each other through tantra massage.

Tantra training for couples to create more intimacy, polarity and communication.

Facilitating tantric women´s groups in safe sisterhood.


Founder of Edens Have in Copenhagen since 2010 with tantra therapy and tantra massage.

Founder & teacher at Tantric Sexologist Embodiment Education at Human Evolutionary Academy.

Yoga and tantra teacher since 2006, facilitating yoga- and tantra classes, tantric women´s groups and lectures and workhops.

Certified psychotherapist since 2013, couples therapist since 2019.

16 years of experience with tantra massage for men and women.

22 years of experience in deep personal, spiritual and tantric growth.

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In 25 years of practicing and teaching martial arts and 15 years of personal, spiritual and bodywork development, I became passionate about holding a safe space for the uninhibited divine feminine expression and the deep grounded wisdom that comes to the surface when the feminine deeply relaxes.


My name is Jeroen, 50 years old, living in Holland. I am a proud father of a son and in a relationship with an amazing woman for about 30 years. Through many different and intense phases, this profound relationship has taught me about the power of unconditional love.
I grew up as an insecure pretty face mommy boy. I was sensitive and felt somehow unsafe in the world. I remember I already reached out to God for guidance and had a strong connection with nature.

My journey into myself started at the age of 13 when I was lying in the bushes after being attacked on the street by a group of older boys. My friends ran away and I was not able to defend myself, because I was paralyzed by fear. When I stepped out of the bushes, I promised myself to never come back in this powerless situation again. The day after I started to practice Martial arts in order to be able to defend myself in threatening situations. It took me 2 years to feel safe and confident again on the streets. I found a way to a deeper wisdom in myself.


In 25 years of practicing and teaching Martial arts, I learned about the extensive ability of the human body and reading body postures. The teachings were mainly focused on masculine practices like leading, guiding, hardening, discipline, non-compromising, and presence. The daily practice of expanding my awareness inwards and outward created a natural ability to set boundaries and hold space in a calm masculine presence.


About 14 years ago I started practicing Tantra. I learned and experienced the ability to activate and circulate life force energy in my own and other bodies. Diving into the tantric journey, I started to deepen my feminine practices. I experienced that by deeply surrendering in my feminine I was able to release pain and trauma holdings in my body. I realized how the feminine in me was such an important balance with my masculinity. The deeper I am able to surrender in my feminine, the deeper I am able to hold space for the feminine in my masculine. The dance between the two polarities in me started to deepen and changed my whole perspective of life and my relationships.

For 5 years I focused on the fascinating world of Myofascia and experienced how profound this perspective of the body is in relation to releasing trauma woundings and the self-healing capacity of the body.

Today, when I provide bodywork sessions and teach this, my own journey in unconditional relationships, Martial arts, Tantra, and Myofascial Energetic Release bodywork is my deepest fundament to operate from a non-interfered state and create a safe space for deep surrender to happen.


Along my Tantric journey, I became passionate about holding a safe space for the uninhibited divine feminine expression and the deep grounded wisdom that comes to the surface when the feminine deeply relaxes.

By supporting women to reach their highest potential, they will support men to reach theirs, so that we can lift each other up in compassion, integrity and understanding in order to build the world we want to see.

My mission as a bodyworker is to facilitate women in their journey by inviting them to consciously reconnect through their bodies to their essence.

By setting intentions to be of the highest service, I work from a guided place, stepping out of the way and trusting the process.


2022 - Co-creation of HEA Tantric De-armouring Training

2021 - Facilitating Tantric Sexologist Education

2020 - Founder of Reconnect You Bodywork 

2018 - Creation of “The Tantric Dojo”


2017 - 2022 Myofascial Energetic Release Practitioner

2016 - Certified The New Tantra Teacher

2014 - Certified The New Tantra Tantric Bodyworker

2001 - 2022 Experience in bodywork therapy - provided over 700 1:1 sessions

2010 - 2022 Practicing Tantra - The New Tantra - participated and assisted over 25 workshops

2006 - 2022 Experience as (Project) Manager in Air traffic control computer science

1996 - 2006 Experience as Specialist in Air traffic control computer science

1996 - Bachelor in Computer science


1996 - Sensei 2nd dan Tai Jitsu and karate

1987 - 2015 Practicing and teaching Martial Arts

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