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Tantric Sexology Blog

Dive deeper with us into Tantric Sexology

Our vision & mission


We want to create a world where holistic, trauma-informed sexuality is normal. This is a world where we have access to our life force, health, energy and wisdom. A world where humanity feels deeply connected to their body and spirit. We envision a world where all humans can live freely in connection to their embodied power and purpose.


Through our embodiment educations, we inspire people to evolve personally and professionally, liberate their gifts and show up in the world as trauma-informed embodied leaders, facilitators and visionaries. We pride ourselves by bringing a high level of integrity into the field of tantra and sexuality, and combine personal embodiment with the ancient wisdom of tantra and modern approach of neuroscience and sexology.

Human Evolutionary Academy offers different trauma-informed and transformational educations that focus on EMBODIMENT in the field of tantric sexology & tantirc bodywork /de-armouring

Most humans are disconnected from their hearts and soul, and search for security and solutions for their problems outside of themselves. We live in a time where this lack of embodiment and crisis in consciousness can't go on much longer. We have an environmental crisis, health crisis, a big economic crisis, divorce rates increase, fertility problems, and most people have disconnected sexual interactions. We see that all is interconnected and that everything that happens in the macro level, is likewise happening in the micro level. In HEA, we focus on the root issues at the personal level to be able to evolve on the collective scale. The Human Evolutionary Academy wants to lead by example and show that there is a way another way. We need to slow down, connect and listen to our bodies and gradually connect back to our hearts and soul. By relaxing the nervous system and rising in consciousness, we can open to new empowering solutions for ourselves, our relations and the planet.

We want to inspire leaders, facilitators and visionaries to find their authentic voice and evolve and liberate their soul gifts. We want to support these entrepreneurs to share their gifts with the world. The world is waiting for brave people like you and me to step up and be part of the change we want to see. The Human Evolutionary Academy thrives at the peak of the evolutionary impulse in science and esoteric wisdom to create holistic evolution for all beings and the planet. We believe everyone has a unique gift to offer when given the right environment and condition to evolve in. And each person has their own unique timeline and window of tolerance to evolve and grow in. By respecting our own and each other voices, we can thrive together. We welcome you warmly into our professional and warm community of people who are deeply devoted to their path.


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